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tree removal servicesTree Removal
Joe’s Professional Tree Service Inc. offers professional, reliable service when it comes to removing trees. We only use the safest equipment to perform the jobs such as a bucket truck or a crane. We also will remove the trees by climbing and rigging with ropes and lowering devices.

Trees are removed for many reasons. Sometimes the tree may be hazardous and must be removed to prevent damage to a building or pedestrians. A tree may also need to be removed because it is crowding other trees. Call us today and an Estimator will come out and give you an assessment of your trees.

Tree Pruning
Tree pruning is a practice that can help a tree or substantially hurt a tree if done improperly. Joe’s Professional Tree Service Inc. can help you determine what type of pruning needs to be done to help the tree's health and beauty. These are some of the pruning techniques we offer:

  • Canopy Raising: promote sunlight or clearance under a tree.
  • Line/Structure Clearance: Pruning limbs that interfere with service lines or roofs
  • Structural Pruning: This is done when a tree is young to promote solid limb growth with strong attachments
  • Hazardous Limb Removal: dead or weakly attached limbs
  • Tree Thinning: Pruning of limbs that are rubbing, promoting light and wind travel through the canopy to prevent the "wind sail" effect when strong winds occur

Hazard Assessment
Here at Joe’s Professional Tree Service Inc. we have certified Estimators that can assess and determine if your trees have any hazards. We look at many factors of the tree's health and structural condition. The Estimator will perform various tests while completing the hazard assessment. These assessments can take up to an hour or more. The client will then have a full hazard evaluation form completed that shows condition it is in and also a way to mitigate any problems associated with conditions.

So call us today to schedule your hazard assessment and be more informed of potential hazards around your home!

Bobcat Work
Here at Joe’s Professional Tree Service Inc. we provide bobcat (skid steer) work such as :

  • Grading
  • Moving of Materials
  • Lot Clearing

Call Us Today At 205-836-2038 Or Toll Free At 866-601-TREE To Get A Free Quote.

Trees create a healthy environment and a beautiful landscape. But, like any living thing, they can also get sick and die. They need lifetime maintenance to be their healthy best.

When you need expert trimming, pruning and removal, call Joe’s Professional Tree Service Inc.!

Tree Cutting Services: Trimming and Pruning
To stay strong and vibrant, the weaker parts of a tree need to be trimmed so that the healthiest parts thrive. In the wild, wind blows trees into one another, creating a friction that regularly trims off dead branches. Not in your yard. Call us to keep your trees maintained and your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Trimming– We can clip those unsightly branches that have grown too long; create a better overall shape; and achieve a more balanced look.

Pruning – This is more strategic than trimming, and is done to promote plant health and property safety. It ensures that the strongest branches remain that way. We can expertly prune flowering trees to promote more abundant blooms, and cut back fruit trees to increase annual yield.

Crowning – We cut the leafy canopy for both shaping and safety. If you have low branches that pose a risk to people, rooftops or road visibility, we can safely trim the lowest levels to “raise” the canopy. Too many interior branches increase the risk of a blow-over. We can thin out the crown without harming the overall growth. When upper limbs grow too close to power lines, they need to be cut back. We can carefully cut a clearance and check it regularly.

Emergency Tree Removal
If a tornado or other weather catastrophe strikes, trees can tip over and fall through your roof, onto a car, or across your street. We are here to help!

  • Call us 24/7 to carefully remove obstructions and storm debris.
  • Count on us for emergency tree removal that will put your property back into shape.
  • We can work with your insurance company to process your claim.
  • We have worked hand in hand with State Farm, Allstate, Alfa, Farmer’s and many other insurance companies to ensure that your property is restored to its best.

Stump Removal
If you have a stump that is causing a hazard in your yard, we have the equipment and knowledge to cut it flush to the ground and grind it up. You eliminate a hazard and beautify your yard by removing unsightly stumps.

Dead and Dying Tree Removal
We specialize in removing dead trees as well as weakened ones that could create problems down the road. Removing a tree that is dead or dying eliminates many hazards:

  • A weak trunk with a full crown can tip over in strong winds.
  • Unsupported limbs can fall and hit someone without warning.
  • Tornadoes and floodwaters can uproot a dying tree and put your safety at risk.

Removal of Healthy Trees
Call us when you have to make the difficult decision to remove a healthy specimen. They may grow too large for a designated area. They may quickly become weak if their roots have been cut, such as during construction or ground excavation. It may have been planted too close to your home and is now causing plumbing and foundation problems. We can remove it and grind the stump.

Maintaining Healthy Trees
Your trees need regular checkups to ensure their health. Let us stop by for an inspection at any time of the year, and especially after storms. As a locally owned and operated tree company, we are your neighbors and are here when you need help.

Call Us First
Because you care about your trees, you care about who works on them. We have been in business since 1997, helping homes and businesses maximize the health of their trees and the beauty of their landscape. More than half of our clients are repeat customers who pass on our name to others. We are professional, fully licensed, and insured to protect you and our workers. Call now for a free inspection and estimate.

Safe Tree Removal
Trees and branches behave unpredictably when they are cut, and there are often dangers from utility lines to consider. Hire a tree company that puts safety first. Tree removal and logging are hazardous, with some 60 workers killed in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Safe tree removal is more difficult these days because people are planting more trees. In urbanized areas, especially, removal is a complicated process that has to take into account such hazards as power lines, homes that are close together, and, of course, people in the area. When you choose a tree company, choose our team, which keeps the safety of property, people, and equipment foremost.

Our knowledgeable and experienced crew will come to your property prepared for anything, whether a tree is standing, leaning or fallen. They will have at their disposal the most effective equipment for the job at hand. These may include well-maintained chainsaws, bobcats, bucket trucks and cranes.

Safe Work Practices
The workers who come to your house will take safety seriously. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which regulates safe work practices, says workers should use:

  • Face or eye protection, to guard against branches that snap back
  • Hard hats, to protect against limbs that fall
  • Ear protection, to minimize hearing damage from excessive chainsaw noise
  • Heavy, non-slip boots, and leg protection to minimize injuries from slips and cuts
  • Climbing equipment that is in good order, including harnesses, ropes, belts, slings and clips, to keep the worker secured in a tree

Removing a tree safely starts with assessing the situation. The workers will check for cracks and splits in a tree that is still standing because a large branch can come loose in an instant and fall. These limbs even have a gruesome nickname in the industry, “widow-makers”. Our experienced team will establish escape routes, safe working distances, and designated roles for every worker on the scene.

Power Lines
Power lines pose a special danger. They not only are fatal if they are touched by technicians and their equipment; but also voltage can “arc,” or jump, to someone working too closely. We work with the utility company, and undergo regular OSHA-approved training to ensure workers understand removing a tree safely if it is near a line.

Slips and Falls
When a technician needs to “limb” a tall tree from above, he or she might use boom equipment, such as a cherry-picker, or climb the tree using a specialized array of safety ropes. Every situation is different. Lanyards should be tied and untied as the “climber” moves along at great heights; it is essential to make sure the second fastening is secure before removing the first. OSHA has documented several cases in which technicians who thought they had a solid footing on a limb stood unsecured for a few moments – and fell.

After-Storm Clearing
A tornado can leave behind a thick mat of branches, some of which are so twisted they will snap like a spring-loaded trap when dislodged. This is where Mother Nature meets the laws of physics: the release of potential energy in a bent branch can hit a technician with great force (that’s where face shields and hard hats come in) or cause nearly branches to fall. Experience and caution are important because entangles tree and branches will not behave the same way as if they were cut separately.

Chain Saws
A chainsaw is a useful but very dangerous piece of equipment, and your technicians will be highly skilled in its use. Given the dangers of twisted limbs, the person cutting your tree will use best practices:

  • Avoid keeping the chainsaw any higher than chest height.
  • Make the cut with the lower end of the bar, not the tip.
  • Be aware of hard knotholes that can cause the saw to buck or the teeth to become stuck in the wood.
  • Be alert for unusual tree movement: a trunk may fall more easily as its branches are removed.

No Shortcuts
Removing a tree safely takes time. An experienced company will not take shortcuts. We have been in business since 1997 and understand the hazards posed by local trees, utilities and ground conditions. We are licensed and ensured for your peace of mind, and train our workers in OSHA practices.

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